How to Ask Questions in ChatGPT: Secret Pattern that I found

How to Ask Questions in ChatGPT

We already know how ChatGPT dramatically changes everything in a few months. Right now our situation is “If we don't learn how to use it then it’ll definitely replace our jobs and work”. 

So, you need to know everything about this newborn baby.

In this article, you’ll get some super useful tips and tricks on How to ask questions in ChatGPT to get better results.

How to Ask Questions in ChatGPT

Just typing your question in the chat box is not the right way to get accurate answers. I have been using chatgpt past few months and I notice ChatGPT follows some specific patterns to answer queries. 

Whenever I ask a question on chatgpt, every time it answers my question in a way formal, which is hard to understand. 

So I decided to crack the pattern and get my answer in easy-to-understand language. And guess what I finally have some super useful ways that I share with you.

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How to work ChatGPT?

ChatGPT works on QnA processes based on the Large Language Model (LLM). The latest version of GPT-4 has 100 trillion parameters information. Keep in mind when you interact with ChatGPT it has access to a vast amount of knowledge. So it depends on your question about how accurate data it’ll provide you. 

It’s the Game of Questioning. 

Let's dive into some strategies that can help you to optimize your interactions with ChatGPT.

First of all, you need to know the question pattern.

Best Ways to Ask Questions on ChatGPT

Open-ended Questions 

Most of the people using chatgpt get some ideas or suggestions. That means you don’t want your answer in a yes or no format, right? Then you should ask open-ended questions to get more detailed information to understand any topic.

How to create open-ended questions?

To create open-ended questions, focus on asking questions that start with "what," "how," “which”, "why," or "tell me" or “explain it”. Because this type of question gives more details to your answer. 

Suppose, I want to improve my email writing then which type of question should I ask on ChatGPT

Here are some examples of open-ended questions:

  • What can I do to improve my email writing?
  • How do I start email writing?
  • Which mistake should I avoid to write an email? 
  • Tell me some best ways to write an email.

This type of question gives clear information that you are looking for.  

Specific Questions

It will help chatgpt to understand and process your queries effectively. On the other hand when you ask questions on chatgpt without specifying then it’ll give a generic answer which will not satisfy you. So If you ask specific questions, it gives a personalized answer and gets exactly what you want. 

Let’s Talk about

How to create specific Question

First of all, you need to be clear about what you want to know. It’s like breaking down a large topic into a small part to focus on the main points. 

For example: 

Q1: How can I improve my time management skills?

Q2: How can I improve my time management skills and give me a plan?

Number two is more specific, right?

So, when you want a specific answer then specify your question. 

Probing Questions

This type of question is used to gather more detailed information and get a deep knowledge of any topic. It encourages chatgpt to answer more specifically and share thoughtful responses. 

For example, you ask chatgpt “How to improve my communication skill?” 

Now you want to know more details of that topic then you can ask like that

“Can you tell me more about that?” 

In short, probing questions help you to continue your conversion of any particular with chatgpt to understand any topic more closely. 

Techniques for asking probing questions on chatgpt

It’s typically follow-up questions that are used to clarify or expand answer that has already been given to chatgpt. 

To know more details you can ask this type of question

  • Explain this easy to understand language.
  • Describe it in a simple language
  • Can you give me an example?
  • Please provide sources for the previous answer

This will help you to clarify any topic.

How to ask right questions in ChatGPT

Now you will learn some key points to asking the right questions on chatgpt, which will help you to get excet answer. 

Using Simple Language

Yes, it’s 101% true that chatgpt understands our natural language, but when you ask a question using difficult words, it’ll not give the desired answer that you are looking for. So use simple language to get the perfect answer.  

Give detailed information

it's important to give enough information to ask a question. that will help ChatGPT to provide accurate answers. 

Instead of asking, "Tell me the best self-help book," consider asking, "What is the all-time best self-help book?" 

That's why you need to provide specific details to get proper responses.

Provide Additional Information

Providing additional information will improve your response quality. When asking a question on chatgpt and provide relevant information that helps ChatGPT to understand your query perfectly.

For example, instead of asking, "Who is the president?" you can ask, "Who is the current president of the United States?" This additional information helps ChatGPT to provide accurate responses.

Break Down Complex Questions

If you have a complex or large question, break it down into smaller parts. Because ChatGPT performs better in short and straightforward questions

When you break down your complex question into smaller parts, It helps you to receive accurate and focused answers

Remember, ChatGPT is an excellent tool, but it performs better with well-structured queries.

Use Proper Grammar and Punctuation

ChatGPT is designed to understand our natural language, using proper grammar and punctuation makes your queries easier to understand.

So make sure that your questions are grammatically correct and properly punctuated to get accurate responses.

How to Ask follow-up questions on ChatGPT

Follow-up questions build momentum for the conversion. It will help chatgpt to understand your intention to answer your question perfectly. 

In this section, you learn some secret techniques for follow-up questions.

Technique Number 1

When starting your conversion with chatgpt, you need to follow this technique. 

Suppose I need help in programming to generate a script. Then I order chatgpt like this 

“Act like a programmer” Then it magically responds as a programmer to use this simple prompt feel like you hire a programmer. 

Now you can ask any question regarding this topic. For example, write a code for JPG to PDF converter. Then it’ll generate code for you. 

You can use this prompt to generate anything, all you need to do just change the profession that’s it.    

Technique Number 2

How many times do you face this problem, when you ask a question on ChatGPT, it gives you a very long answer that you can't understand or don't want to read. 

To solve this problem you can use these prompts." 

“Make a short summary using easy to understand language” 

or if you make it more short then you can add this 

“Summarize it with easy to understand language in 100 words”

This will help you to refine your answer and get the best output. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid when You Ask Questions on ChatGPT

A lot of people did some mistakes when they ask questions on chatgpt as a result they didn't get their expected answer.

Ask large questions on ChatGPT

Chatgpt will not give accurate information when you ask too large questions. So you need to ask short questions on chatgpt and ask them one by one to get the best result. 

Ask too many questions at a time

Imagine someone asking you too many questions at a time and then would able to answer any of them. Never right? 

Like that chatgpt will face the same problem and need clarification about which one should answer first.  

So I recommend you don't ask too many questions at a time. Follow one by one process. 

Don’t specify the question 

It’s very important to specify your question on chatgpt. Because specific questions help it to understand your question deeply to give the best answer.

Limitation of ChatGPT

Chatgpt has a large amount of information. It does not give you the proper answer until you follow the right question structure as I mentioned earlier, you need to ask the proper questions with additional information to get the best answer

Compared to Google when you search for something on it, if you mistake in your spelling or grammatically google understands your search query's intention. It shows you the best and most relevant result based on your question's intention

Because Google has 25 years of experience in this field and has many data analysis techniques to give the best result

On the other hand, ChatGPT is a very new system and doesn’t have much data about human behavior or question pattern and it doesn’t understand your unclear question. That’s why you need to ask questions in simple language with additional information to get a proper response.

Bonus Tips

Webgpt Chrome extension

We all know chatgpt limited data on 2021. So it doesn’t give up-to-date information it’s the biggest limitation of that. But there is a Chrome extension called Webgpt to overcome this limitation. Just install this extension then open chatgpt and enable it. All right now It’ll access the internet to give you latest information.

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ChatGPT is the most advanced language model that can provide valuable insights and information when used effectively. If you follow those techniques and implement them,  you can optimize your interactions with ChatGPT and get the best output for any question.

Remember clear and specific questions help chatgpt to provide you most accurate data. So you need some practice to become a master of How to Ask Questions in ChatGPT and unlock its full potential.

Next time when you interact with ChatGPT, implement these strategies to get the best answer.


What is prompt?

Prompts are short instructions or suggestions that help you start a conversation to provide you with the best information that you are looking for. It helps chatgpt to understand your need. 

Does ChatGPT give wrong answers?

Yes, sometimes it gives you the wrong answer because chatgpt will not understand your queries properly to respond. So you need to ask a short and specific question.

Can ChatGPT refuse to answer my questions?

It depends on your question if ask for personal, sensitive, or offensive information then it’ll definitely refuse to answer. And don't ask for financial, or medical advice from it also avoid asking any kind of illegal activities type of question.

Does ChatGPT give everyone the same answer?

ChatGPT doesn't give the same answer to everyone. It depends on your query's specific context, input phrasing, and available knowledge. Additionally, there may be multiple answers or different perspectives on certain topics. 

Tell me the best way to ask questions ChatGPT?

To ask questions effectively, be clear and specific. Avoid double-meaning questions and provide context when needed. Ask one question at a time on chatgpt for better understanding to respond accurately.

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