7 Steps: How to Learn anything with ChatGPT (Fastest ways)

How to learn anything with ChatGPT

Chatgpt is the most mysterious topic on the internet. This is a wonderful tool that you have never seen before. If you use this tool in the right way you can learn anything easily and quickly to get maximum results. 

In this article, you will get clear ideas and suggestions on how to learn anything with chatgpt, Let’s get started.

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7 Steps How to learn anything with ChatGPT

We all know this fact, when we want to learn something on the internet, spending hours to find the best resources and guidelines, which makes our learning process difficult and creates lots of confusion.

But don’t worry right now we have our personal assistants like Iron Man jarvies called chatgpt it has all kinds of information that you want, Just need to follow those steps.

Step 1: Create an Outline with Dateline 

An outline makes your learning process faster and easier. When you are trying to learn something new, you don’t have any idea of that topic, outline helps you to organize all kinds of information that you actually need to learn and make that topic easier to understand.

How to create an outline

To create a perfect outline use this prompt:

Hey, Chatgpt you are a highly experienced [insert profession] mentor provide me with a beginner friendly [input days] details outline including the most important topic to [insert your topic]

For Example, if I want to develop my communication skill then I use this prompt like that

“Hey, Chatgpt you are a highly experienced public speaker mentor provide me a beginner friendly 7 days details outline including the most important topic to develop my communication”.

See the magic it’ll generate a perfect outline for you.

Step 2: Select the best resources 

Most people are stuck and waste their to find the best resources. Now you don’t have to worry about that leave it to chatgpt to do that for you.

Just use this Prompt

Hey, Chatgpt you are a highly experienced [insert profession] mentor provide some free best courses to learn [insert your topic]

Example: Hey Chatgpt you are a highly experienced public speaker mentor provide some free best courses to develop my communication skills.

Tip: If you don’t find any useful courses then you can use your generated outline to find topics on YouTube, just copy-paste topics name one by one that’s it.

Step 3: Communicate with chatgpt

This is a very important part of this article to communicate with chatgpt you need to know how to ask questions on chatgpt which will help you to find and understand anything quickly.

Use wh questions such as “where,” "why," "what," “which”, and "how," on chatgpt to know anything.

For example, I want to learn communication skills then I ask this type of question 

  • Where should I start to learn communication skills?
  • Which mistake should I avoid to learn communication skills?
  • What is the most important part of communication skills?
  • Why should I avoid arguing with someone?
  • How to improve my communication skills? 

In short, wh questions help you to understand any topic deeply so you need to just ask specific questions and use chatgpt as your personal assistant to clear any doubts on any topic.

Tips for asking questions on chatgpt: 

  • Ask specific question 
  • Give details to ask questions
  • Ask short question

Step 4: Analyze topics with chatgpt

Analyze gives you the clarity to understand any topic, which helps you to study that topic in detail to get deep knowledge that you need to know. 

Also, it helps you to find that topic's overall structure like how they relate to each other.

How to analyze a topic with chatgpt?

To analyze anything with chatgpt you need to just use some prompts 

If you don’t understand anything use this prompt 

[Insert your topic] Explain it using easy to understand language.

Example: [What is Nonviolent Communication] Explain it using easy to understand language 

To know more about anything use this prompt 

Tell me more about [Insert your topic] using easy to understand language.

Example: Tell me more about [Nonviolent Communication] using easy to understand language.

For anything definition use this prompt:

Define it [Insert your topic] using easy to understand language in 50 words (you can change this number or remove it)

Example: Define it [Nonviolent Communication] using easy to understand language in 50 words

Ask for examples to understand more closely use this prompt

Give me an example [Insert your topic]

Step 5: Learn only key points

It helps you get the most important information and makes your learning easy. Also saves time, improves memory retention ability, and simplifies complex topics. 

By focusing on key points, you gain a solid understanding without getting overwhelmed with unnecessary details.

To get key points of any topic use this prompt

Give me the key points using the points symbol in easy to understand language [Insert your text]

Summaries also help you to extract key information on any topic. 

To Summaries any topic use this prompt 

Summaries it using easy to understand language [Insert your text]

You can use this prompt to summarize any long answer such as 

  • ChatGPT long answer
  • Articles 
  • Book chapter

Also, you can try this Chrome extension to summarize YouTube video tutorials.

Step 6: Break Down any complex things

To break down complex things, you need to understand the main topic. Next thing, make that topic smaller so that you know what is inside. Once you got it then focus on key points only. 

Because we don’t remember detailed information on any topic that’s why you need to focus on the key points only. 

How to Break down any complex things

Chatgpt will help you to break down any things, Just use those prompts 

For example, if I don’t understand Non-verbal cues topic of communication then I break it down like that 

"Hey Chatgpt, what are Non-verbal cues explain this topic step by step with examples using informal language".

Hey Chatgpt, [insert wh question+topic] explain this topic step by step with examples using informal language.

Alternative Prompt
Explain this [your topic] in simple and easy terms that any beginner can understand.

Step 7: Make your Learning Fast  

To make your learning faster you need to avoid unnecessary topics and focus on the most important topic only. Also, follow some smart techniques to speed up your learning.

What makes your learning faster?

  • Curiosity
  • Asking right question 
  • Understand clearly

Smart techniques to learn faster
If want to take your learning process to the Next Level then use those prompts 

Smart Prompts
What is the most important part of this [insert your topic]
Which topic should I focus on to learn it faster [insert your topic]
What is the unnecessary part of this topic that should I skip [insert your topic]

Those prompts help you to extract the most important part of any topic.

Bonus Tip: Personalized courses to learn any topic

Unschooler will help to create a customized course for you with the help of AI using YouTube's best videos. This website creates any type of course with detailed information and explanations of video lectures. It's incredible features of this website make your learning easier with zero cost money.

How to use this website

  • Create a free account 
  • Enter your learn topic
  • Customize your outline 
  • Hit enter and wait for a few minutes


Learning has been revolutionized by advancements in artificial intelligence, and ChatGPT is an incredible tool to learn anything faster. With its conversational capabilities and vast knowledge base, ChatGPT offers an immersive and quality learning experience.

Those 7 steps on how to learn anything with chatgpt will help you to use it in a better way to learn faster. And If you have any questions regarding this article you can comment down below and share this if you find it helpful.


Can ChatGPT replace traditional learning methods? 

While ChatGPT is a powerful learning tool, it should be seen as a complementary resource rather than a replacement for traditional learning methods. It provides quick access to information and interactive discussions, but incorporating diverse learning approaches, such as hands-on practice and mentorship, can further enhance your learning journey.

Can ChatGPT teach practical skills or just theoretical knowledge?

ChatGPT can provide both theoretical knowledge and practical insights. While it may not replace hands-on practice in certain skills, it can offer guidance, explanations, and examples to help you grasp the underlying concepts. Combining ChatGPT with the practical application can lead to a well-rounded learning experience.

Is ChatGPT suitable for beginners? 

Absolutely! ChatGPT is designed to cater to learners of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, ChatGPT can adapt to your needs and provide explanations at your preferred level of understanding. It's an excellent starting point for exploring new subjects or diving deeper into familiar ones.

How can I ensure the information provided by ChatGPT is reliable?

ChatGPT is trained on a vast corpus of text. While it strives to provide accurate information, it's important to cross-verify and validate the information from trusted sources. Consider using multiple sources and fact-checking platforms to ensure reliability, especially for critical or time-sensitive information.

Can I use ChatGPT for academic or professional research? 

ChatGPT can be a valuable resource for academic or professional research by providing initial insights, references, and different perspectives. However, it's crucial to supplement your research with peer-reviewed publications, expert opinions, and primary sources to ensure the accuracy and credibility of your work.

Remember, ChatGPT is a tool that empowers your learning journey, but active engagement, critical thinking, and continuous exploration are key to mastering any subject. Embrace the possibilities and embark on your learning adventure with ChatGPT today!

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