5 Fastest Steps: How to achieve anything you want in life

How to achieve anything you want in life

First of all, you need to be very clear about that, what you want to achieve. It gives you enough courage to take action.

Achieving something isn't easy. You need to work hard. But If you determine that I need to achieve my goal at any cost, then it’ll become easier. So you have to be determined.

In this article, you will learn How to achieve anything you want in life with 5 simple steps, So Let’s jump into the topic.

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Step 1: Write Down your Goal

It’s very important to write your goal in a notebook, or somewhere you are comfortable. The main thing is you have to write it down.

Many people didn't do that, and sometimes later they forgot their goals. That's the reason why they failed to achieve their goals. 

Once you write your goal, you will never forget it. That gives you clarity, What you want to achieve. Also, it creates a positive vibe in your mind to remind your goal.

Step 2: Make a Deadline

Deadline is a key part of this journey. It gives you a time duration. That particular time you have to hit your goal anyhow.

Parkinson's Law says, "Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion."

Basically, when you have more time to complete your goal, the longer it will take you to finish it. And The less time you have to complete your goal, the less time it will take.

We all know that “If someone gives us a task, we will do that at the last minute.”

So make a deadline and hit your Goal on time.

Step 3: Take a Small Action

Our brain hate changes, When you suddenly change your schedule and daily routines, It will affect your brain and hard to accept. So you need to follow step by step process.

Taking small actions is easy and comfortable for our brains.

Henry Ford Once Said, " Any goal can be achieved if you break it down into enough small parts." 

So, if you break down your goal into small parts, it’ll be easier to achieve. That's why you need to take small action for your goal.

Step 4: Focus on only One Task

We live in a fast-growing world. People always try to do everything fast in less time. But wait a minute! Does multitasking really help you to do anything fast?

Researchers say that: Multitasking reduces our productivity by more than 40%. 

When we do so many different things at a time, our brain consumes more energy. In this process, the brain can’t fully focus on any task. That’s why it’ll take much more time to complete.

So, Focus only on one task until you finish it, and then start the next one.

Step 5: Use the MCD method

Basically, this method will help you to organize your daily routine. When what to do. 

Must-Do list: Add the most important task in that list, which is more important than anything.

Can Do list: In this category, you can add your daily activities.

Don’t Do list: Most of the time we’ll waste our precious time doing unnecessary tasks. When we have to do some important task or project. 

So, I recommend you create a Don’t Do List, that saves your precious time and makes you more productive.


In my opinion, achieve anything you want in life, you have the spirit to work on your goal and do whatever need to do then definitely, You will succeed. Just believe in yourself keep your patience work in silence and Never Give Up.

Remember one thing “Success has only one rule try and try and keep doing that, One day you’ll achieve your Goal".

That’s it Guys I have one request for you, if you agree with me then share this article with your beloved friends and share your opinion in the comment section.

Your feedback will make me think differently. 

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