7 Brain Hacks: How to develop laser-sharp Focus

someone holds the glass for clear sharp focus like a laser

In this distracted world, how to develop a laser-sharp focus that’s the question?

Where everyone wants our attention. Whether it's on social media or newspapers, or in a magazine, they all try to hook us to grab our attention for their benefit. 

So, it's very difficult to focus on any task. But don't worry. I have a practical solution for you to build a laser-sharp focus.

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A forest where sun rays focus on ground

Laser-sharp focus meaning?

The ability to focus without being distracted. It means how much capacity you have to concentrate on any task without distraction. That’s called Laser-sharp Focus.

Let me simplify with an example "We have sunlight, right? And that feels normal, But what if I point all the sunrays in the same direction with the help of a magnifying glass, then what will happen?” Yeah correct, It creates fire.

Just like sunrays, our brain can’t focus on multiple things, that’s a basic principle of the human brain. So, do one thing at a time and avoid multitasking. 

Now the question is 

Why you are distracted?

The main reason is you don't have any specific target or goal for what you are doing. That’s why you are distracted. 

7 Hacks to Develop a Laser-sharp Focus

Hacks to Develop Laser sharp Focus

Make a To-Do List 

To-do will help to organize your tasks and prioritize them effectively. And give you a checklist to track your progress. Which will improve concentration and productivity.

Set a Deadline

Whenever you want to do any specific task, just set a deadline and complete that task on time. In this way, you’ll give your 100% to complete that task which means zero chance of distraction.

But If you don’t do that, you’ll procrastinate, because you don’t have any goal or deadline and there is a very high chance that you will be destructured to do other things.
For that reason, you need to set a deadline for every task.

Build a Burning Desire

If you have a burning desire, you won't get distracted anymore because it’s more powerful than any kind of distraction.

What’s burning desire?

The mix of Desire, Persistence, and Determination will create Burning Desire.

If you have a strong desire and persistence with determination, you will do anything you want without any distractions.

How to create Burning Desire?

According to Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich”  if you want to create a burning desire, you have to clearly write down your goal on a paper with the deadline and action plan.

For Example: ‘You want to read a book within one week.” Reading a book is your desire. Within one week, it’s Determination for that goal, and how many pages you want to read per day and when you want to read is your Action Plan.”

Now, write down your Goal with an Action Plan and read that twice per day, because when read every day twice, it’ll automatically save your subconscious mind and remind you whenever you are distracted.

Don’t Multitask 

Multitasking is killing your Focus ability. As I mentioned at the beginning, our brains are not designed to do many things at a time, When you multitask, you're just switching one task to another without completing any of them. Which breaks your concentration. So, avoid multitasking.

Avoid Social Media

Our brain wants pleasure no matter which sources it comes from and this loophole uses social media platforms and steals your attention.

Social Media will give you instant pleasure via variable rewards.  It’s designed to grab our attention to spend as much as time possible. 

Their main target is to make you addicted to their platform. Once you are addicted, then you can’t focus on anything properly. Because your brain is already used to get instant pleasure without doing anything.

That’s why, many experts suggest that to avoid social platforms when you’re doing any important task.

Do one thing

The very famous quote says


The main thing is to do one task at a time otherwise, you'll not complete any of them.

So, next time whenever you're doing something just focus only on one thing. Then you’ll see how magically increase your focus ability.

3 Tips to Keep Your Laser-Sharp Focus

Tips to Keep Your Laser Sharp Focus

Set a Specific Goal

You need to be very clear about what you want to do, and what do want to achieve. Those questions will help to specify your goal. 

Next set a deadline with an action plan to achieve it. Because without any of these, you can't keep your focus as a result, you’re procrastinating that’s why it is very crucial. 

Otherwise, you’ll fail to keep your laser-sharp focus.

Make Do and Don't List

A lot of people waste their time on unnecessary things. Because they don't know which tasks are important and which ones are unnecessary. 

So, if don’t want to make the same mistake, You should create a do or don’t list.

Basically, It’ill helps you to prioritize necessary your tasks and works like a reminder whenever you’re trying to procrastinate and waste your time.

Also, it’ll remove all kinds of distractions and make you more productive.

Manage your Time properly

After making the Do or Don’t list, now you need to focus on time management. We all have 24 hours a day at this time, some people work so much and some aren’t.

Have you ever wondered why it’ll happen?

Because they know how to manage their time. That’s why you need to know this.

How to manage your time properly?

Make a priority list like this 

  1. Most important task
  2. Important task 
  3. Less important task 

Now set a specific time for each task based on its importance. Then complete those tasks one by one. 


The summary is you’ll get laser-sharp focus when you remove all kinds of attractions and distractions. That’s the only solution and do one thing at a time.

I hope these tips will help to develop laser-sharp focus

If you have any questions comment down below and you can also share your point of view. Or  If find this helpful then share this to motivate us.

Okay Guys That’s all for today.

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What is the meaning of Laser Sharp Focus?

The ability to focus without being distracted. It means how much capacity you have to concentrate on any task without distraction. That’s called Laser-sharp Focus.

How to get laser-sharp focus?

Set a specific goal with an action plan and split your time for that task, work in a quiet place, and avoid multitasking.

How to focus like a laser?

Remove all kinds of attractions and distractions. Set a deadline and Do one thing at a time, avoid multitasking, and give your 100%.

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