How to Study Fast without Forgetting 1 day Before the Exam

A man try study fast without forgetting

Tomorrow is my exam man, I didn’t study anything, what can I do now? I need to pass the exam, and how can I start or I forget everything that I read blah, blah, blah.

Are you facing this type of question in your mind? Then you should read this article to solve your problem. 

In this article, you’ll learn How to study fast without forgetting in less time before the exam. And I’ll share my personal method that will help you study faster and more efficiently.

Let’s jump into the topic

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Tips Study Fast without Forgetting in less time before the Exam

A clean and tidy study room

Create a Productive Study Environment

You can’t perform better in a messy environment, So it's necessary to create a study-friendly environment to make your study effective. Follow those tips.

Minimize Distractions

Find a quiet place where you can focus without any interruptions. Turn off your phone's internet connection and put it on silent mode to avoid distractions.

Organize Your Study Room

Make sure your study room is clean, organized, and has enough light. An Organize environment can boost your concentration and productivity.

Choose a Relaxing Chair

This can help you to avoid discomfort during long study sessions.

Maintain a Comfortable Temperature

It’s essential to maintain a good temperature in your room to avoid distraction while you study, extreme temperatures will affect your focus ability. 

Someone writes Study Plan and schedule

Plan Your Study Schedule

Time management plays a vital role to study efficiently. Creating a well-structured study schedule gives you dedicated time slots for each topic and reduces your exam pressure.

So, if you want to make an effective study schedule. Follow those tips.

Set Realistic Goals

Break down your study material into small pieces and make a study session for each topic. This strategy will help you to track your progress and maintain your focus and concentration.

Prioritize Your Topics

Start with easy concepts or topics first, because at the beginning if you start with difficult topics it'll take a lot of time and effort or you may get bored to study. 

So starting with an easy topic is a safe option, As you make progress you'll find studying easier and build up your confidence. 

When you are covering all of those easy topics then you can look at the difficult topics.

Create Study Session

Split your study time into small time blocks. For example, create a 30-minute session for each topic, and take a 5-minute break to refresh your mind and prepare yourself for the next session.

During this break, avoid social media. Because it'll break your study flow.

You can do this thing

  • Drink Water 
  • Walk into your Room
  • Think about the next topic

This method is known as the Pomodoro Technique. Which boosts your concentration and productivity.

super fast study techniques

Super Fast Study Techniques

Just reading textbooks or notes isn’t an effective way to retain information. Rather, then active learning strategies. Now the question is,

What is Active Learning?

It’s all about engaging you with what you reading, writing, listening, thinking, and understanding.

So, If you want to reduce the chance of forgetting what you read as well as remembering everything?

Follow those tips and tricks to make your study effective and remember everything.

Understand the motive

First of all, you need to read once, what you want to learn, then read it again. Now try to understand the motive of this topic. 

For example, if you study climate change topic, your motive should be to understand its causes and effects as well as find solutions to reduce its impact on the environment for human better life. 

Now back to the point if you follow this method, I am sure you never forget anything.

It’s always better to understand the topic rather than memorize it.

Believe me, it's a really useful technique to learn a topic quickly without forgetting. I always use this technique when I study. 

Use Highlighter Pen

When you're studying, try to use a colorful pen to highlight the important stuff. It makes remembering things much easier. Because, when you revise that topic, you'll find all the key points as a summary, which will reduce your forgetting chance.

Take Note

It’s another effective way to remember information faster because hand notes will help you to understand the information in your own words. Which makes your study stress free. 

Use Stick Note 

Create flashcards to review key concepts, definitions, and formulas quickly. It'll help you to remember the main points, which has a chance to forget.

Teach yourself

Explain to yourself what you learn from a specific topic, In this way, you’ll identify, how much you learn and understand that particular topic.  

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough

                                                                                                 -Albert Einstein 

Analyze Past Exams Questions

To study better in a short time, you need to identify the question paper format and pattern then focus only on repeated questions and practice them properly.

Memories Techniques for study faster and smarter before exam

Memorise Techniques for Study Faster and Smarter

Mnemonics and visualization techniques are very powerful ways to remember things faster and quicker. 

Linking information with places or making acronyms is a useful way to increase your recall ability. 

You can use these techniques


Create acronyms or abbreviations to remember lists or sequences of information. 

For example, If you want to remember the order of the planets in our solar system, you can use this acronym "My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles" (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune).

Awesome Right?

Now it's your turn to make an Acronym to remember things better and make zero possibility of forgetting. 

Loci Method 

It’s a Mnemonic technique that connects information with specific locations or places by visualization. Whenever you visualize that place, you can easily recall the connected information.

Let's say you have to remember a list of scientific terms for a biology exam. Now connect each term with a specific location in your House. 

For Example, "cell membrane" with the main gate, "mitochondria" with the bedroom, and "DNA" with the study table. Whenever forget those terms just visualize your home and you will easily recall the information.

So, This is a very effective technique to remember things instantly.

Mind Maps 

It is another visual method, which will help you to break down complex concepts into simple concepts. 

For example, If you are studying history, it is your main topic. Now question yourself what is inside that topic, suppose the subtopic is World Wars, then find out how many parts have word war topics and then extract the important part for your exam.

Sounds like easy right? Yes, it makes your study easy and enjoyable.

Revision Techniques

To prevent forgetting information, revision is necessary. A lot of students do this mistake because they think revising wastes their time and effort but the reality is when they have to remember that information they forgot what they learn.

So revision is also important to remember the information properly.

Follow those tips to get better results

Use the 80/20 Principle

Identify the most important topics that come almost every couple of years. Then dedicate your study time and effort to mastering these important topics.

Focus only on the key points and summarize that particular topic also try to understand the motive of that topic then practice it.

Recall and Summarize

After completing each study session, make a summary and note all the key points. Now try to remember the summary and key points without seeing your study materials

This way you’ll improve your remembering ability,  Plus, it'll identify which areas you should focus on an additional revision.

someone try to study faster with smart phone

Bonus Tips

Use Technology

In this digital era, technology will help boost your study speed, but one condition, If you use it in the right way. I think you understand what I mean. Yes, you are right, please avoid social media during study. Now back to the point, You can use those apps to improve your productivity while studying.

Digital Flashcards

Using digital flashcards is a great way to review key points of any topic. Try this one Called Flashcards World, It’s a free top-rated app that works fully offline, which means zero chance of distraction.

Google Keep

It's another excellent option for taking notes on any device, Plus it has a
sync feature that allows you to revise your study materials anytime, anywhere.

For Android Click here 

For iOS Click here

Productivity App

If you struggle to create your study session and don’t keep your focus then I recommend you to try this one it’s a free Pomodoro timer app, which manages your study sessions and will motivate you to stay focused and get things done.

Online Resources

Explore educational websites or YouTube channel lectures and video tutorials that provide additional explanations and examples for complex topics. And make your study effective.


By implementing these strategies and techniques, You can speed up your study and make it more effective, also reducing the chance of forgetting crucial information before exams.

Don’t forget to create a productive study environment and plan your study schedule wisely, as well as actively engage in the learning process by implementing super-fast learning techniques.

Revising and using technology can also improve your retention and understanding ability. With consistent practice and a positive mindset, you'll be well-prepared to tackle exams and boost your confidence to face exam fear. Best of luck.

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How to study fast in 1 hour?

Focus only most important topic and read the summary. Try to remember the key points only. Then memorize all the important definitions and abbreviations. Boom you are done with the 1-hour study challenge.

How to learn answers fast?

Summarize the topic and identify the key points. Now try to understand the motive of that topic, that's it.

How to memorize fast for an exam?

Make your own handwritten note then summarize it and mark all the important key points and extract them. Now revise it as much as possible and explain to yourself what you learn and understand.

What is the best study technique?

Making a handwritten note is the best study technique to learn a topic in your own words.

How to study without getting bored?

Try to understand the main point of a topic. By understanding the core concepts, you'll find connections that make the topic interesting and you won’t get bored anymore.

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