How to overcome laziness and procrastination while studying

How to overcome laziness and procrastination while studying

Study, Study, Study!  I Don't Like it. I avoid it. But Study Likes me. I can't avoid it, Ha-ha.

If you are facing that kind of situation, then Congratulates. Because many students face this problem, you are not the only one, including me.

The good thing is I have a Practical solution for you in this article. I will share 5 Practical ways How to overcome laziness and procrastination problems while studying.

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Think Your Purpose for Study

When you procrastinate to do study, think about your purpose for studying. Ask yourself why you need to study? If you don't study, then what will happen? 

Trust me, it will give you enough motivation to study, and this method helped me a lot.

Avoid Social Media 

Please, My Dear Friends, don't use social media when you are studying. It will break down your concentration and make you lazy. Don't do anything else, just concentrate on your study.

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Use Pomodoro Technique

Select a topic that you want to study then make a To-do list. Now set a timer for 25 minutes this time, try to complete that particular topic. 

After you complete that Session, take a short break for 5 minutes. At this time you can do whatever you love without using social media.

I do these things.

  • Read some study-related motivational quotes.
  • Drink water 
  • Walk into my room

These things refresh my mind and help me for a new start.

This technique is very effective, especially when you need to study longer without being lazy. Repeat this technique Every 30 minutes.

Enjoy your Study Time

If you are studying for an Exam, “Don't read books to pass the Exam read books to gain knowledge.” 

This technique will help me to enjoy my study time without any laziness and make my study easier. It also releases my exam pressure and helps me to remember, what I read. 

Reward Yourself 

You can try this method when you are studying and procrastinating or feel so weak and lazy. First of all, promise yourself that you will reward yourself if you complete your study. It will motivate you and overcome your procrastination and laziness.

Okay, That's it for today

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